June 9 - Aug. 18, Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Monthly or weekly schedules available. 

Welcome to Summer Program 2017. At our CDCC summer camp for our elementary school age children, we continue summer learning in active, exploratory, and safe ways. This year, we will be doing a variety of new and exciting adventures, a mix of fun, learning, and exploring. We want Santa Barbara children to know their city and their environment better, to develop large and small motor skills, to find their own creativity, and to learn how to thrive socially. Incorporating both fun field trips as well as on-site activities such as cooking and crafts, we provide variety and new learning opportunities each day. Our summer staff will primarily be Courtney, Kole, and Stefanie. 

Open for elementary school age children through 12 years old, our summer hours start at 7:30 am and closing at 5:30 pm. We have planned many wonderful field trips and adventures. Our beach day schedule may change if weather is very foggy. Call Courtney, the Summer Camp Coordinator, with questions 805-453-1177.

Join us for a fun, safe, and engaging summer. 


  • We spend a lot more time in the sun during the summer months.  Please put sunscreen on your child before you bring them to school or summer camp.  If you forget, we have sunscreen available for you to use.
  • We will spontaneously have water play in the summer.  Please keep a spare bathing suit and towel in your child's backpack for hot weather. A sweatshirt may also be helpful due to fog on the mesa.
  • Please remember to have girls wear shorts under summer dresses.
  • Parents, please open the gate yourself.  It is a safety issue to have children opening the gates.
  • Remember that Cliff Drive’s policy is that teachers will perform a health check with all children each day, and all children be free of signs of obvious illness while at school.   This policy also states that children returning from an illness must be free from fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for at least 24 hours before returning to school 
  • Please make sure you sign your child in and out daily using your full legal signature and the time of day. 

If your child will be absent for any reason, please call the Summer Camp cell phone: 805-453-1177.


Summer camp cell: 453-1177
Jenny’s cell: 453-3403
CDCC office: 965-4286 X 228

Flexible and drop-in schedules available. See our Current Rates page.
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805-965-4286, ext. 221